Health Centre

Our well-equipped Health Centre is staffed with a full-time doctor and two nurses. It is located on the ground floor, close to the main foyer, providing quality medical service to our students and staff. It features a spacious waiting area, observation beds and medical equipment of the highest standards including a nebulizer, glucometer, ENT diagnostic set, sphygmomanometer and oxygen cylinder.

One of our nurses is always present at all times during the school day to administer first aid as and when required. If children are unwell while at school, they will be cared for at the clinic until collected by a parent/guardian. We do not allow children to go home via taxi unless they are escorted by a parent/guardian.
Health services that are in line with the KHDA, the Dubai Health Authority School Health Guidelines and DBSs policies are also offered to students such as health tips, healthy lunch box and snack suggestions, how to prevent and treat injuries, how to boost immunity and how to stay fit.

DBS follows the guidelines set by the Healthy Eating Initiative and thus we ask parents to refrain from letting their children bring any fizzy/soft drinks, sweets, chocolates or anything in glass containers.DBS is furnished with water dispensers throughout the campus to encourage all our students to drink water during the day.
Additionally, due to the prevalence of nut allergies, please do not let your child bring any products containing nuts to school. We are also a pork-free school.

School Nurse Clinic
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